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Content how to write a white paper x essays

At some time you may need to write a white paper, and you may have no experience ever having written one. They are used in academic, marketing and business environments, and have specific purposes. Here you will find an explanation of all you need to know if you are ever tasked with producing a white paper.

Content grant application writing  x essays

Some say that grant writing is worse than writing a Master’s thesis – they may be right. If you are about to launch such a project, then be prepared for lots of research, lots of writing, lots of revisions, and lots of late nights. These things are not prepared quickly or easily; and if you are going to spend the time to write a grant proposal, then you need to commit to doing it right.

Content how to write a presentation x essays

People either love to give presentations or they hate to. There is not much in between. But everyone should have the experience of preparing and delivering at least one, if only for the practice.

Content 7 hacks to become a  1 college student in just 14 days x essays

You probably entered college with big commitments – studying hard, getting to every class, paying attention, and staying current in all of your coursework. Somewhere within a few months’ time, things begin to fall apart, and you get overwhelmed, get a social life that is too busy, given in when roommates or dorm-mates want you to play video games, go out for a beer, or just hang out, or you just plain procrastinate.