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Resume Design Services

Professional Resume Design Services

Submitting a professionally designed resume may just give you the edge that you need over the competition. Imagine this, you are a hiring manager or an HR director. You have spent an entire afternoon poring over resumes that have been sent to your email address. Resume after resume has some flaw that makes it difficult to read. The font causes eye strain, the text is all jammed together without enough white space, and the resumes that are more than one page don’t have a heading on the second page. These are just the resumes you are viewing online. The printed resumes are even worse. The stationary is cheap and tacky, and the printing is difficult to read. Finally, you come across a resume that is easy to read. The main points are bulleted, there is white space dividing the sections of the resume, and you can determine, at a glance, the qualifications this person has. This resume has clearly been designed by a professional.

If this were you, wouldn’t you call this person in for an interview? If you allow to design your resume, employers are going to call you.

Resume Design Steps

Professionally designing or redesigning a resume requires that we look at several factors, including but not limited to the font you are using, your headings, readability, use of keywords, etc. After we identify the issues I your current resume, we can then make the changes so that your resume will be a pleasure to read.

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