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New clients may hesitate whether to choose our company at first. However, this page demonstrates the level of customers’ satisfaction through the providing undeniable evidence - people's feedback.

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Roscislawa , London, UK
Equation, 12 hours, Freshman

Everything fine, money paid, work is completed.

Pretrusiona1960, New Berlin, WI, US
Research paper, 18 hours, Sophomore

Excellent quality of work! My order came dead on time and I will surely ask X Essays for help again!

Corey B, Poundstock, UK
Essay, 12 hours, High school

I took up the selfie class when I had no job and thought it would be fun. It really is but having to maintain a strict schedule I try to cut the good things for the best ones. So this task falls on the shoulders of x-essays. And I must say they know how to do it right!

Shannon, Rosetown, SK, Canada
Coursework, 3 days, Junior

I’ve got into some serious trouble and had to put aside my studies for until I would work it out. That’s a good luck to find such a reliable service as x-essays to support you in a tough situation.

Publio, Wekweti, NT, Canada
Powerpoint presentation, 12 hours, Sophomore

Ordered a speech here and they didn't leave me unamused even though this service isn’t specified in the list on the website. Catchy introduction, clever quotes and funny stories with a purpose - the audience enjoyed it as well as I did.

Gino, Houston, TX, US
Dissertation, 10 days, Bachelor's

Thanks for giving me a helping hand with my dissertation. I delayed the writing process and fell under the threat of missing the deadline with the abstract. Ain’t no joke to make a god abstract! The x-essays guys did it perfectly, not only is it a distillation of the full dissertation body, it also reads easily. And they did it in no time!

Delmar, Babel, UK
Powerpoint presentation, 3 days, Sophomore

Got my speech from them today. I must say I don't think it could be any better in terms of engagement and construction. But they split my idea into two and told the two topics I tried to combine were just too big to cover both.

Verbie, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Essay rewriting, 4 days, High School

Wonder discounts, more pleasure brought me the paper they wrote for me. As my essay didn`t have enough legible info in it, I gave it for rewriting. Four days and $50 and the paper was in my hands. Amazing, truly.

Joseph, Cambridge, MA, US
Solving Equations, 8 hours, Junior

Multiplying? Adding? Subtracting? What? I hate any kind of math thing I get in college! Thanking x-essays for fast and pro-level help with my assignment. So great.

Sabrina, Manchester, UK
Essay, 48 hours, High School

Great place with confident writing and well-created results. The first reason was the lifetime discount starting at 15 pages. With an order of 15+ pages, it was simple to get. Also, we had a nice direct communication with writer. I`m glad I picked this resource