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Conversation Summary in Media




Mr. X is a professor of political sciences despite his childhood ambitions of being a law enforcer. Partly, he credits his aggressive youth stage and the unstable political environment in Yemen as the motivators in his career direction. He grew up in abject poverty with limited access to social amenities and a confined environment with strict government policies that impeded individual freedom. Being the first born of three children with a very irresponsible father, his focus and determination was on excellence.

            Currently, Mr. X is a family man, married to an American lawyer with two kids. He resides in the suburbs of South Carolina, earning a decent salary as a political analyst. His siblings are now grown-up citizens in the United States after a legal registration process. Unfortunately, his mother passed on two years ago after a pre-emptive militia strike in their rural Yemen. His mother had long denied the US citizenship invitation and vowed to die a Yemen patriot. However, Mr. X does not regret leaving Yemen for the US.

Individual Assessment

            Mr. X is a very industrious individual, and his life experiences define his humble and responsible personality. He was once a victim of poverty but vowed not to expose his family to such an experience. He is a caring person, who highly values family as an asset. Furthermore, Mr. X values education as a foundation toward excellence. However, despite his gloomy past and remarkable breakthrough, Mr. X is an escapist. He denounced his Yemen robes and embraced peace and stability of the United States. Mr. X lacked the courage of facing the demons in his birthplace.

            The conversation with Mr. X made me realize what a critical person I am. My analysis would focus on both directions without subjecting to any emotional force.

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