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Survey on Cheating

Cheating Survey

The information that was focused on during the program served the broad objective of cheating in the business arena. It focused on the consequences of cheating in the business fraternity and the implications for the economy in cases where lies are upheld in the enterprise. The questions were presented in a manner that leaves an individual with no options than to cheat, pertaining to the cokes in the fridge, since the situation provided by the question is conducive for cheating. Moreover, the problem presents an individual who is a thirst for water and immediately realizes there is coke in the fridge.

How the Scenarios Changed and in what Ways

As Dan says in the radio program, the scenario changed from normal to a situation that motivates an individual to cheat, since the situation has changed to the availability of Coca-Cola, a product that can quench the thirst. Moreover, complexity sets in with the availability of money that can be used to buy a cup of coffee. Choosing between the two and the need at hand will define the action to be taken (Mills, 2015). Moreover, considering the realization of the cheating act complexity arise, but coke drinking may sound better since an explanation is acceptable, pertaining to the thirst of an individual.

If you Think you Might have Acted Differently from your Answers to the QUIZ under Certain Circumstances?  If so, why or why not and under what Circumstances?

At some point, I could not have cheated if the other members of staff knew I was the only person left in the office. Drinking coke will have automatically reflected that I am a thief. In this case, I could have avoided the coke drink in the event other staff knew I was the only one in the office as the question presents the situation. However, the coexistence in the office will determine whether I will take the coke if cordial relationship exists since I will be in a position to explain the reasons of taking the coke.

Step 1

According to the speaker, cheating differs due to incentives attained in the long run.

Business vs. Social

Basically, cheating is carried out to actually assist the person to be in a better position than before in terms of business and acquire better social status in case of the social strata. The situation mainly facilitates cheating in a manner that an individual has to make a choice of being honest or dishonest in the business fraternity.

Considerig cheating in the economy the loopholes in coporate governance subject entreprenuers to utilize the apportunities to maximize profits where the laid down protocol is not followed. this results to corruption or frauds, leading to instability in the entire economy while the enterprenuers benefit heavily (Mills, 2015). In terms of conflict of interest, the desire to cheat is triggered by people aspiration to achieve their coveted interest against the upheld morals in a society.

Speaker is a ‘White-Hat’ Hacker as Opposed to a ‘Black Hat’ Hacker — if it differs and if so, how, Cheating the Government or Companies

There exist differences of being a white hat hacker, or black, White hat hacker is guided by the protection of other malicious hackers while the black hat hacker is guided by malicious of hacking for personal gain. Basically, this hacking affects both the government and companies in the sense that white hat hacker protects the business or government from the black hat hacker, and thus they must incur cost of hiring the white hat hacker (Zetter, 2009). On the other hand, due to the failure of the government or a company to hire a white hat hacker, the black hat hacker will access the information of the government or company sabotaging the privacy of the company (Perkins, 2011). In this consideration, desire of the black hat hacker to access information through unethical manner leads to incurrence of cost to the government and the company. The unethical desire reflects the reasons behind cheating in business and any situation that present itself as conducive for cheating.

Step 2

If Everyone Cheats in Business Transactions, how will our Citizens, our Businesses, our Investors, our Government, our Economy be Affected?

The result of cheating by all involved parties will lead to the creation of no trust in business. In this case, the development of the economy will be disadvantaged since the business transaction will uphold cash basis trade, thus lowering the normality of the current business in the present world. Online business and plastic money may not be functional, leading to underdevelopment. The entire society will realize the effects of cheating in business fraternity since credit on business and other mode of payments that uphold credit basis trade will be sabotaged (Perkins, 2011). 

Cheating on business issues is facilitated by the fact of ensuring that business continues to thrive in a competitive market. In this case, people cheat in attempt to increase the sales returns, which directly impacts the stability of the business. In terms of beneficial contracts, business people may be motivated to cheat until they capture the desired contracts.

Quiz 1

What does Ariely teach us about why cheating might take place in the highest level of the corporation?

Cheating might go to the higher level in a corporation in the event that people surrounding you as the CEO of the corporation think the same, and nobody can point out mistake in the decision being made by the CEO. Moreover, in the case of incentives, rewards will result in cheating though it does not make a difference to an individual increment of the bonus (Zetter, 2009). This pertains to the experiment carried by Dan Ariely in the case study with incentive many people cheating due to incentives rewarded for the right answers, and this reflects the scenario of the company.

Quiz 2

How does Ariel’s explanation of cheating complicate the role of whistleblower? Could whistle blowing be the best way we have of ‘looking at ourselves in the mirror’?

Whistle blower according to Kim Zetter book through Ariely an expert in behavioral economics argues that cheating is facilitated by the desconstruction of human behaviour in order to find ways of deceiving ourself obout things we do and consruct of better ways of resolving life issues.   He points out in the book that he does not believe in whistleblowers exposure of the hidden issues. He argues that they expose issues after being sufficiently exposed by the external forces from the organizations, and this necessitates their whistle blowing since they are subjected to different thinking. In this case, Dan argues that an individual questions himself about every activity he/she does on moral issues of the activity and, in this case, the whistleblower is subjected to this kind of situation, leading to whistle blowing (Zetter, 2009).

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